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Chasing: Milk (Tempt Hemp Milk Original edition)

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Hemp milk carries with it the baggage of years of cannabis prohibition, and it’s still illegal to manufacture the seeds for this milk in most US states, so it comes with a high carbon footprint. It seems to me like making hemp seed milk might be like making sesame milk, as both seeds are known for their healthy oils and strong flavor, but, as cannabis prohibition is being repealed, opening the door for local hemp production as well, it seems like a good time to check out some of the hemp seed based milk alternatives.

I use milk alternatives primarily for two things – pouring on my morning cereal, and cooking into gravy or creamy soups. I use it for other things sometimes too, but these are the two reasons I keep milk in the house instead of buying it as needed to make a special treat. Finding an alternative for the milk I pour onto my daily cereal isn’t too hard. It can be a little sweet, as long as it’s a little creamy, I’m satisfied. It’s the milk I use in savory dishes that’s really hard to replace.

I purchased Tempt Hemp Milk Original, not realizing that the “original” is a sweetened product. I should have read the label, but I got lazy, so I ended up with the sweetened option. I read the label at home, and immediately realized that I would not be able to try this product in soups or gravies. Sipped cold from a cup, it tastes a little green, a little nutty and very sweet. According to the nutritional label, there are 14 grams of sugar (4 teaspoons) in each serving, and it definitely tastes like it! While this amount of sugar is comparable to the amount in a serving of cow’s milk, I found it to be far too sweet for my palate.

I’ve since learned that there is an unsweetened version of the product as well, and I’ll be back with an update when I have tried the unsweetened version, as it may impress me more than the sweetened original did. This nutty sugar water definitely did not earn a place in my pantry.

Cheese Chasing Score: meh

It’s satisfactory for pouring on cereal, but it’s far to sweet to use as a milk alternative in savory dishes.

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