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Chasing: Chao Cheese

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I’m a pretty harsh critic to please when it comes to cheese. There are cheeses that come out of Wisconsin dairies that might not be “good enough”, so it’s no surprise that Chao Cheese isn’t quite “good enough” either. You absolutely can not serve this to your dairy eating friends and expect to surprise them with a declaration that it’s vegan. That said…

Chao Cheese is my current favorite cheddar substitute.

From grilled cheese sandwiches to chili topping, this is a very satisfactory substitute.

The first test of a cheese is to take a bite of a cold slice.

There is a magic to the mouth-feel of cheese, both chewy and buttery at the same time, and nearly every cheese substitute I’ve tried fails this test. It’s a really tough one, to be fair, and Chao Cheese does a better job than most, but there’s still a little non-cheesy graininess in the cold cheese.

The “Chao” part of the cheese brings in a complexity that many cheese substitutes fail to capture, so, even though it’s a little more grainy than cheddar, it makes a nice addition to cold sandwiches and deli plates.

I’m melting!

While Chao Cheese won’t dissolve into a creamy sauce over your chili or pasta, it does melt far better than most cheeses, and, on a grilled sandwich or melted onto a non-meat burger patty, it provides a very cheese-like experience.

Cheese Chasing Score: The Best So Far

While this cheese doesn’t quite hit the “Who Needs Cheese” mark, it is, by far, the best cheddar substitute I’ve tasted in nearly 20 years of cheese chasing!

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