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Caught: Cream Cheese (Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese edition)

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Who could possibly resist the incredible texture and sweet taste of mass-produced cream cheese? From cheesecake to celery sticks, cream cheese is delicious enough to be a main ingredient, and provides great textural and flavor support in treats like cream cheese frosting or cheese balls. Following a dairy-free diet doesn’t have to mean giving up your cream cheese treats, though.

Tofu is not cream cheese

Shortly after I stopped eating dairy, I encountered a tofu-based “vegan cheesecake” that convinced me I would never eat cheesecake again. It seems like tofu was the substitute for pretty much everything back then, but, fortunately, that wasn’t the last cheesecake I’d ever eat.

Tofutti is not tofu

I stopped eating dairy sometime around the turn of the century, by which time Tofutti had been churning out treats for about 20 years, so it’s no surprise that their Better Than Cream Cheese product was one of the first cheese substitutes that I stumbled on. I don’t remember the first time I tasted it, but it has become a staple ingredient in my kitchen. Whether I’m filling celery with the creamy goodness, spreading it on bagels straight out of the tub, whipping it into a delicious filling for my favorite roll cake, or making it into a heavenly cheesecake, I don’t miss the Philadelphia’s cream cheese when I have Tofutti. I don’t know if it’s really better than cream cheese, but it’s definitely just as good.

Cheese Chasing Score: Who Needs Cheese?

This cheese substitute is so perfect that we sometimes serve this delicious substitute to our favorite omnivores without any warning that it’s not what they expect!

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