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About Cheese Chasing

The author, Rosemary O, was allergic to dairy in her early childhood. ┬áIt’s not uncommon for children to “outgrow” some childhood allergies, and, for many years, Rosemary made cheese and milk a staple in her diet, a part of nearly every meal.

Rosemary was 16 the first time she decided to stop eating meat. In a family where dad had bellowed “your mom is not a short order cook” more than once, this meant that Rosemary mostly ate the potatoes or salads served as a side dish to the main course – always meat – at the family dinner table. She often says that she lived on cheese for this part of her life. Cheese pizza, string cheese sticks, or a “cheeseburger, hold the meat” were common meals. That didn’t last long.

In her late 20s, Rosemary had some health problems, and, during recovery, she found that she could no longer eat dairy. Ugh. While learning to eat without dairy, Rosemary discovered that, in the part of the world she was living, it was easy to eliminate meat as well.

While “vegan” is the word Rosemary sometimes uses to describe herself, she’s technically a “pescetarian” who can’t eat dairy, who loves dairy, who has spent her entire vegan life chasing the taste of a good vegan cheese.

Welcome, and we hope you enjoy cheese chasing with Rosemary O.

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